CAMPIONATO SOCIALE 2015 - complete results

Dobergaarden Forever Athos

Dobermann Forever - russian magazine
02 Photos of puppies added - Pride of Russia
03 Landessiegerschau Hessen in Odenbach, Germany
04 CAC Show in Thuringen, Germany
05 Luxembourg Trophy Winner Show
06 ZTP in Worrstadt, Germany
07 Photos of puppies added - Blekitny Kanion
08 Show information - I' Trofeo del Unione and ZTP
09 CAC Show in Lubin, Poland
10 CAC Show in Nowy Targ, Poland

Some of the biggest dobermann-events in 2014
Trofeo Caliandro 2014
Dobermann Club Show in Moscow, Russia
Trofeo Triveneto 2014
HDK Club Show 2014
French Dobermann Club Show 2014
Europasiegerschau in Dortmund, Germany
AIAD 2014
Golden Dobermann Show 2014
DV Sieger Show 2014
European Dobermann Trophy Winner Show 2014
World Dog Show 2014
IDC Show 2014
Trofeo Vesuvio 2014
European Dog Show 2014
Some of the biggest dobermann-events in 2013
IDC 2013
European Dog Show 2013
Austrian Dobermann Club Show in Salzburg
Russian Dobermann Club Show 2013
Grand Prix Golden Dobermann 2013
Dannish Dobermann Club Show 2013
Carpathian Cup 2013
French Dobermann Club Show 2013
World Dog Show 2013
HDK Hungarian Dobermann Club Show 2013
Europasiegerschau in Dortmund, Germany
Trofeo Triveneto 2013
Dobermann Star 2013
Serbian Dobermann Club Show in Markovac
Danish Dobermann Club Show in Gribskov
Ukrainian Special Dobermann Show 2013
Crufts 2013
Trofeo Caliandro 2013
Some of the biggest dobermann-events in 2012
IDC 2012 Italy
DV Siegerschau 2012
AIAD Campionato Sociale di Allevamento 2012
World Dog Show in Salburg, Austria 2012
Trofeo Triveneto 2012
Dobermann Star 2012 in Lodz, Poland
Serbian Dobermann Show in Markovac, Serbia 2012
Trofeo Piero Caliandro 2012
Eurasia 2012 - 1st 2nd day
Crufts 2012
CACIB Show in Luxembourg 2012
Some of the biggest dobermann-events in 2011 (all show-results)
IDC Show 2011, Fehervarcsurgo, Hungary
World Dog Show 2011 in Paris, France
DV Siegerschau 2011
Grand Prix Golden Dobermann 2011
Trofeo Vesuvio 2011
Trofeo Triveneto 2011
Raduno AIAD in Roma 2011
Hungarian Dobermann Club Show 2011
Special Dobermann Show in Greece 2011
Finnish Dobermann Winner Show 2011
Special Dobermann Show in St. Petersburg, Russia
Serbian Club Show in Markovac
Serbian Club Show in Backa Palacka
Dannish Dobermann Club Show 2011
1st National Dobermann Show in Lodz, Poland
Club Show in Bar, Montenegro
Eurasia 2011 - 1st2nd day
Trofeo Piero Caliandro 2011
Some of the biggest dobermann-events in 2010 (all show-results)
IDC Show 2010, Kamenny Mlyn, Slovakia
European Dobermann Trophy Show 2010, Graz, Austria
AIAD Campionato Sociale di Allevamento 2010, Monteluco, Italy
Grand Prix Golden Dobermann 2010, Kamenny Mlyn, Slovakia
World Dog Show 2010, Denmark
Trofeo Piero Caliandro 2010, Venturina, Italy
Trofeo Triveneto 2010, Italy
Trofeo Ancona 2010, Italy
Hungarian Dobermann Club Show 2010
Romanian Dobermann Club Show 2010
French Championships 2010
Monografica 2010, Portugal
Dannish Grand Prix 2010
IDC Weltmeistershaft 2010
Koerung 2010
Some of the biggest dobermann-events in 2009 (all show-results)
IDC Show 2009, Seregelyes, Hungary
World Dog Show 2009 Bratislava, Slovakia
AIAD Campionato Sociale di Allevamento 2009, Monteluco, Italy
European Dobermann Trophy Show, Graz, Austria
Grand Prix Golden Dobermann, Bratislava, Slovakia
Club Show "Stolica" Moscow, Russia
Trofeo Vesuvio 2009, Napoli, Italy
Championships of Moscow
HDK Yearshow 2009, Budapest, Hungary
National Dobermann Show, Moscow, Russia
Dobermann Club Show, Sankt Petersburg, Russia
Luxembourg Trophy Show
Estonian Dobermann Winner Show, Tallin, Estonia