Thor v. Sudharz Orsina v. Strengbach

German Youth Champion
Slovakian Clubwinner & Kombiwinner
Show results
Multi V1 - CAC at CAC and CACIB shows
2x Best Young Meisdorf
VDH und DV Jugendchampion
Kombi and Clubsieger Bratislava Bac
Bratislava Danube CACIB 3x V1 CAC, 1x CACIB, 1x BOB
Health results
vWD DNA-Befund (N/N)
HD 2 (B) (tested 11.2019)
DCM free (tested 03.2022)
DCM free (tested 03.2023)
B-Lokus B/B (tested 04.2022)
D-Lokus D/D (tested 04.2022)
Narkolepsie N/N  (tested 04.2022)
Free from eyes diseases (tested 04.2022)
Work results
BH passed in 2019
IGP 1 passed in 2019 with 256 points (A-88, B-74, C-94)
ZTP passed in 2021
AD passed in 2022
IGP 2 passed in 2022 with 265 points (A-84, B-89, C-92)

VWD fre
DCM fre
CACIB ChemnitZ V1,CAC Meisdorf


Puppies were born on 04.01.2023


We have 4 black males and 3 black females






Thor v. Sudharz
J'arun-Kantu del Naissus Xenon Graf Of Mon-Ja-Mes Murphy
Grafin Miell Of Mon-Ja-Mes
Grafin Aurelie Of Ja-Mes-Le'mon Dexter v. Harten Kern
Grafin Guilina Gembia of Mon-ja-Mes
Püppy v. Sudharz Akandor v. Schloss Tennenberg Ramonburg's Chinji
Rina v. Residenzschloss
Fatima v. Sudharz
Russkaja Mechta Andor Absolut
Bounty v. Sudharz
Orsina v. Strengbach Ilay del Nasi
Asterix del Nasi Tahi-Reme Max
Juga del Nasi
Tijara del Nasi Jork del Nasi
Gekata iz Doliny Dolmenov
Yvette v. Strengbach Murphy Chester v.d Topferstadt
Sally the Best Line
Kimfurstin v. Strengbach Nitro del Rio Bianco
Wittes v. Strengbach



Breeder: Reinhard Petzold, "vom Strengbach" kennel
Location: Saxony, Germany
Phone: +49 34207 41233

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