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born on 06.03.2020

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GALAXY WINNER 2022, Champion class V3, Courage test 3rd place
Dobermann Champion Cup 2022 Champion class V4
Doberman mini Specialty Vranje 2022, Champion class V4
Doberman club Greece 2021 Champion class V2
International Show Champion
Grand Champion of Greece
Champion of Greece
Show Champion of Greece
Champion of N. Macedonia
Grand Champion of N. Macedonia
Champion of Kosovo
Grand Champion of Kosovo
Junior Champion of Greece
Junior Champion of Kosovo
Work results
Health results
HD–B (Germany)
DCM1/DCM2 Clear
Echo-Doppler/Triplex/X-rays/Holter 24hrs 6/22 clear
troponin 6/22: normal (IDEXX)
Thyroid: normal
VWd: Carrier
Deafness and Vestibular Syndrome of Dobermans, DVDob, DINGS Clear
Degenerative Myelopathy Clear
Narcolepsy Clear
Ehlers Danlos  Clear
EMBARK TESTED - additional genetic conditions 189 variants not detected
D-locus D1: D/D
B-locus: B/b