Complete health results:

Genetic test
- EMBARK testet: free of all 163 hereditary diseases tested
- Diluite PCR: D/D free (LABOKLIN)
- B-Lokus: B/B (LABOKLIN)
- vWD: N/N free (LABOKLIN)
other heath results
- HD 1A
- ED free
- PHVTL / PHPV free (ECVO)
- Katarakt/PRA free (ECVO)
- MPP free (ECVO)
- RD free (ECVO)
- CEA free (ECVO)
- no cruciate ligament rupture or any other
muscular and tendons issues.
DCM - checkup
(medical ultrasound & 24h Holter ECG)
05/2017 - CC Kreis Dr. Kresken - free
04/2016 - LMU München - free
04/2015 - LMU München - free
DCM-gentetic test EMBARK
- PDK4/DCM1 free
- DM free
- MDR1 free







Chester v.d Topferstadt Leo v. Markischen Land Nitro del Rio Bianco Nilo del Rio Bianco
Farah del Rio Bianco
Isa v. Markischen Land Jivago v/h Wantij
Dolly v. Markischen Land
Gina v. Marskichen Land Maufiers Mufasa de Stang Zu Gamon di Camopvalano
Gravin Nora v. Neerlands Stam
Dolly v. Markischen Land Judifax Fanthomas
Chila v. Marskischen Land
Bakira Best of Milano Gino Gomez del Citone Astor del Citone Prinz v. Norden Stamm
Tequila Mali del Citone
Arielle D'Amour del Citone Prinz v. Norden Stamm
Tequila Mali del Citone
Andora v. Cobra Bagzy Ginga House Jivago v/h Wantij
Ginga Sawages
Nida-Jea v. Cobra Bonaparte di Motta Visconti
Orsa Cobra




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