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IDC Champion Class Winner 2008, Nykoping, Sweden
International Champion
Champion of Poland
Champion of Hungary
Champion of Slovakia
Youth Champion of Poland
EX1 CAC - Golden Dobermann 2007, Kamenny Mlyn, Slovakia
EX1 CAC - Golden Dobermann 2008, Kamenny Mlyn, Slovakia
EX2 - World Dog Show 2008, Stockholm, Sweden
EX1 CAC - HDK Europa Club Show 2008, Budapest, Hungary
EX1 CAC - European Dog Show 2008, Budapest, Hungary HD-A (Germany)
Holter 24/h 2007- Free (Poland)
Holter 24/h 2008- Free (Germany)
vWD 2008 - Free (Germany)
DNA 2008 (Germany)
PHTVL/PHPV-free, CATARACT/PRA-free (Poland)
Polish breeding test V1A (best result of the day)
ZTP V1A (Hans Wiblishauser)