Beyond the Atlantic... by D.K.


A Synopsis of influential Dobermann in the USA and the importance of combinations between American and European dogs.

*written in March 2008


author:  D.K.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This article is just a short report, a synoptical resume of some dobermanns who had (have) determinative influence for the development of the breed in the USA and simultaneously an effort to render comprehensible the importance and the value of the mix between American and European bloodlines, in order to enlarge the genetic “pool” and produce also a great individuals by using different lines (or lines who have a common genetic base and origin in reality) as alternatives.

Obviously, under the normal restrictions of a brief article there are omissions and certainly, it is just a subjective personal point of view, not a complete report or a scientific statistic research.


    It would be interesting to mention some great and also very influential dobermanns for the USA from different spaces of time, beginning from the decades of 20’s and 30’s with the influence of German (Sigalsburg) and Dutch (Koningstad) bloodlines. Some great specimens of this period are:

Prinz Favorit v.Koningstadz (Dutch-Am.Ch.Prinz Carlo v.Koningstad-Dutch Ch.Angola v.Grammont) (whelped 1921). A red Dutch bred male who made the breed popular in the USA. He was American champion and Westminster 1925 winner. Prinz Favorit produced 15 champions.

Prinz Favorit v. Koningstad

Illisa of Westphalia (Claus v.d.Spree-Prinses Illisa v.d.Koningstad) (whelped 1926) the brown female who was the only American bred dog who became German Siegerin (1929). Illisa was alsoAmerican Champion.She had one litter for the Westphalia’s kennel sired by the well known stud Helios v.Siegertor. Very important for the USA German bred stud Kurt v.d.Rheinperle Rhinegold (Ch.Astor of Westphalia-DVsgrn Anita Zur Immermannhoehe) was Illisa’s grandson.

Illisa of Westphalia

Kurt v.d. Rheinperle Rhinegold

The German bred male, DPCA 1934 Best of Breed-Champion and Sieger Muck v. Brunia (Lux v.Roedeltal-Hella v.Winterburg) (whelped in 1929) who was grandson of Alto v.Sigalsburg and top producer in Germany and in USA as well. Between his most famous progeny in Europe are litters ‘A’ and ‘B’ v.d.Domstadt and the great Troll v.Engelsburg (German-American and Canadian Champion-1935 World Winner-95 Best of breed awards and 48 Best in Show. Troll gave a large number of outstanding descendants in Europe. He was exported to USA but he was not used so often as stud. Inspite this fact he sired 13 American champions) Muck v.Brunia produced champion children also in the USA (for example the 5 champions of the ‘F” Lindenhof litter). Many of his grand-children became champions too. Muck v.Brunia is one of the most important males for the further development of the breed in Europe and America too.

Muck v. Brunia

Alto v. Sigalsburg

Troll v. Engelsburg

Another very influential dog during the 30’s was Jessy v.d. Sonnenhoehe (Charloc v.Rauhfelsen-Alice v.d.Sonnenhoehe) German bred female who is one of the most important females in history, having a large number of great descendants in Europe and USA. Her first mating to Troll v.Engelsburg in Germany produced the sieger Ferry v.Rauhfelsen (later exported to the USA where he became champion.He also was the first dobermann who got the best in show at Westminster in1939.Ferry was the father of 37 American champions) and the siegerin Freya v.Rauhfelsen. Especially in the US, Jessy produced 13 champions from only 2 litters(the first sired by Kurt v.Rheinperle and the second by Pericles of Westphalia). About 45 of her grand children became champions in America. Jessy was German Siegerin, 1937 DPCA best of breed and American champion.

Jessy v.d. Sonnenhoeh

Jessy v.d.Sonnenhoeh

  • The decade 1940-50 is considered as a determinative period in the American dobermann breeding history. It is the so-called era of “the seven sires”.According to Peggy Adamson’s article,”Illena and the Seven Sires” (written in 1951):The Seven Sires were responsible for an era in American Dobermans which was as exciting and colorful as the dogs themselves.  They towered over the Doberman world like mighty titans and the competition among them was brisk, awesome -- and sometimes fierce.  The dog magazines fattened on their advertising, the like of which the breed has not seen before or since. Their names were familiar to the veriest novice, and their offspring could be found in the remotest hinterlands.  Each had his loyal partisans, and the legends concerning them were inexhaustible.  With their passing, passes an era. History will not soon see the time when seven males of such stature live contemporarily again".

Those dogs were: 1) Ch.Westphalia’s Rameses (1938-1948) (Ch.Kurt v.d.Rheinperle Rhinegold-Jessy v.d.Sonnenhoeve) who was linebred to Helios v.Siegertor (imported from Germany). Rameses sired 11 champions. His father Kurt v.d.Rheinperle was not a succesful show dog but as a stud he produced 20 champions and his influence to the American breeding was of great importance. Rameses had 6 litter mates and all of them became champions like him.

Westphalia’s Rameses

2) Ch.Dow’s Illena of Marienland (whelped 1941) (Ch.Westphalia’s Rameses-Ch.Dow’s Cora v.Kienlesberg). Illena is the dam of 12 champions in 5 litters by 3 different males. Her mother was daughter of Kurt v.d.Rheinperle Rhinegold out of a half sister of Jessy v.Sonnenhoeve, named Ch.Gretel v.Kienlesberg. In the bloodline of Dow’s Cora v.Kienlesberg there is a strong influence of Helios v.Siegertor.

3) Ch.Westphalia’s Uranus (1939-49) (Pericles of Westphalia-Jessy v.Sonnenhoeve).He was a half-brother of Rameses. His father was son of Kurt v.Rheinperle Rhinegold who was the father of Rameses as well. Uranus gave to the breed 14 champions.

Westphalia’s Uranus

4) Ch.Favoriet v.Franzhof (1941-51) (Westphalia’s Uranus-Adele v.Meigel).His mother was daughter of Westphalia’s Rajah (full brother of Westphalia’s Rameses).The brown male Favoriet v.Franzhof was the sire of 13 champions.

5) Ch.Domossi of Marienland (1939-46) (Ch.Blank v.Domstadt-Ch.Ossi v.Stahlheim) who was full brother of the great Dictator v.Glenhugel.The number of champions sired by the brown Domossi of Marienland is 20.

Domossi of Marienland

6) Ch.Emperor of Marienland (1941-49) (Domossi of Marienland-Westphalia’s Rembha)who produced 18 champions.Emperor’s mother was sister of Westphalia’s Rameses.

Emperor of Marienland

7) Ch.Alcor v.Millsdod (1941-51) (Ch.Westphalia’s Uranus-Ch.Maida v.Coldod)who was 1946 and 1948 DPCA Best of Breed and winner at the Westminster show in 1947.His mother’s line was based in Sigalsburg’s blood in combination with the line of Muck v.Brunia.The German bred father of Maida v.Coldod,named Carlo v.Bassewitz, was American champion and he sired 13 Am.champions as well.Alcor was the father of 26 champions.

Alcor v. Millsdod

8) During the 40’s USA saw one of the best males ever in this country, the great brown sire (52 of his descendants became champions), Dictator v. Glenhugel (1941-1952) (15 BOB-5 BIS)(Blank v.d.Domstadt-Ossi v.Stahlhelm).Dictator was 1943 DPCA Best of Winners,1944 DPCA Best of Breed and 1945 Westminster Group Winner.His German bred mother was daughter of the very important German producer Troll v.Engelsburg and grand daughter of Muck v.Brunia, while his also German bred father(who was the sire of 15 champions) was son of Muck v.Brunia.

Dictator v. Glenhugel

Dictator v. Glenhugel

A very important dog at the period of 50’s was Rancho Dobe’s Storm (1949-60)  (Ch.Rancho’s Dobe Primo-Ch.Maedel v.Randahof). Even in Germany at this time there was no dog to beat him, according to specialists. He was shown 25 times and always was the best of breed, 22 times best of working group, 17 times best in show and 2 times best in show at Westminster(1952 and 1953). He sired 20 champions. The bloodline of Storm is strongly influenced by some dogs who had great contribution in the development of the breed in USA, like Kurt v.Rheinperle-Rhinegold, Jessy v.d.Sonnenhoehe, Troll v.Engelsbourg and Muck v.Brunia.Storm’s father, Rancho Dobe’s Primo was son of Alcor v.Millsdod out of Rancho Dobe’s Kashmir who was grand-daughter of Emperor v.Marienland and Westphalia’s Roxanna(sister of Rameses). Storm’s mother, Maedel v.Randahof, was grand daughter of Ferry v.Rauhfelsen and Muck v.Brunia.

Rancho Dobe’s Storm

One very impressive show dog was the black male named Am.-Can.-Cub.Ch. Borong the Warlock (1955-66) (Ch.Astor v.Grenzweg-Ch.Florowil Allure).Borong’s hereditary power demonstrated in his champion offspring and he became an important force for the breed during the 50’s and 60’s. He produced 39 champions.His mother was linebred in Dictator v.Glenhugel and she was also great grand-daughter of Emperor v.Marienland.Borong was 234 times BOB, 3 times winner of the DPCA National specialty (1956-57-60) and reserve Bundessieger.

Borong the Warlock

The decade of 70’s gave to the breed the amazing brown male Am.-Can.Ch. Marienburg’s Sunhawk (1973-1982) (Marienburg’s Sundancer-Ch.Marienburg’s Desert Flame,a brown to brown breeding) who was one of the high quality dobermans bred by Mrs Mary Rodgers.Sunhawk was the sire of 86 champions .He was top dobermann of the year 1976,DPCA National Specialty 1976 and 1978 best of breed, TOP20 1975 winner,he won 139 BOB,5 BIS and he was BOB at the westminster show in 1976.It is very interested to note that Dictator v.Glenhugel is present more than 20 times in his pedigree.Sunhawk’s daughter Ch. Marienburg’s Mary Hartman has the incredible record of the 44 BIS awards! She was also TOP20winner1978,Westminster group winner 1979, DPCA 1979 and 1983 best of breed and in 1978 she was No1 dog of all breeds!Mary Hartman is grand daughter of a superb show female the Am.-Can.-Mex.Ch.Sultana v. Marienburg (1963-74).Sultana won 37 best in show awards and 90 first group1.She was DPCA 1967 and 1968 best of breed and No1 dobermann in 1966 and 1967 and No2dog of all breeds.

Marienburg’s Sunhawk

Sultana v. Marienburg

One of the best stud dogs of the 80’s for the US was the Ch.Elektra’s the Windwalker (1981-1990) (Ch.Beaulane Windfall-Ch.Elektra’s Rally Round the Flag) who was admirable for the large number of his top class champion descendants.Windwalker was line bred on the important Ch. Gra-Lemor Demetrius vd Victor.

Elektra’s the Windwalker

Gra-Lemor Demetrius vd Victor

Between his descendants we can find one of the top show dogs in the US dob’s history, the brown female Royal Tudors Wild as the Wing (1984-1997) (Ch.Elektra’s the Windwalker-Array Exclusive), who was Top 20 winner 1987, best of breed in the DPCA Nationals (while best of opposite sex was her father Windwalker), No1 best dog of all breeds 1988, Westminster’s Winner 1989 and the only Ch.dobermann UDTX in history.

A bitch with extremely strong hereditary power was the Ch.Florowill Bit of Magic (1985-1995) (Ch.Tolivar’s Boo Radley Dob Mann-Brosam’s Magic Sundance), who is the top producing female in the breed’s history for the USA being the mother of 21 AKC champions.She was No1 top producing bitch of the DPCA 1992-93-94 and certainly she was a significant force for the breed in USA.

Florowill Bit of Magic

One of the greatest specimens of all times in USA is the Windwalker’s grandson,the superb brown champion Brunswig’s Cryptonite (Kafka) (1986-1995) (Ch.Beaulane the Nite Ryder-Brunswig’s Zephyr). Cryptonite was bred by Robert and Phyllis Farrier and handled by George Murray and he is the top winning dobermann of all times in the US and one of all the time top winning dogs of any breed!He is the second top sire(114 champions!!) in the US dob’s history (the first is his grandson Cabria’s Cactus Cash!). Kafka was shown 428 times and won 392 times the BOB award,he had 350 group placements,258 group firsts and 124 BIS awards!!! The legendary Brunswig’s Cryptonite is a great force for the development of the breed not only in the USA.It is worth noticing that his strong influence can be found even in Brazil.His son,the Br.-Can.-Jap.-Pan/Am.-Lat/Am.-Int.Ch.Charleston Yankee (1996-2006) is the top dobermann of all times in Brazil.Yankee won 43 best in show awards,35 reserves in 3 continents,he also won 150 best of breed and he is the sire of over 50 champions and several multi best in show winners in 4 continents.Yankee’s mother,named Am.-Br.Ch.Gipsy Storm Charleston is great grand daughter of Cryptonite too!

Brunswig’s Cryptonite

Cabria’s Cactus Cash

  • During the decade ’80-’90 the combinations between European and American bloodlines have been very famous and very successful (especially for the kennels Marienburg’s and Cara’s).Two European bred dogs had a tremendous impact at this period and played a significant role as reproductive dogs of note:

The black stud Dexter v.Franckenhorst (1984-1996) who was bred in Holland by the legendary Mrs Sonia Franquemont-Freudenberg and exported to Marienburg’s kennel. He was the sire of more than 30 champions. A large number of his grandchildren and great grand-children became champions too. According to J.M.v.d.Zwan (“In the Beggining...A History of the Dobermann”-3rd edition 1999 -page 338) Dexter is the most influencial dobermann that came to the USA after the second world war.” Dexter v.Franckenhorst was son of the Dutch-German-International champion Arrow v.Harro’s Berg (Salvador v.Franckenhorst-Vitesse v.Franckenhorst) and Vitesse’s full sister Vivre Vivien v.Franckenhorst (Nimrod Hilo v.Franckenhorst-Medina dei Piani Praglia) who was French-German champion and DV Siegerin and she is considered as one of the greatest breeding bitches in the history of the breed in Europe. Dexter’s hereditary power was extremely valuable for the USA while at the same time his sister, the Dutch-German-International champion-Bundessiegerin-VDH-Europa Siegerin-IDC Vice Siegerin 1986 Dea Dolores v.Franckenhorst had a unique contribution in the development of the breed in Europe being one of the breed’s most important females. One of the sons of Dea Dolores, the great Ger-Int. Ch.-Dutch winner1991-DV sieger1991-IDC sieger1993 Graaf Quirinus v.Neerlands Stam (1987-1998) (bred by the well known J.M.v.d.Zwan) was the most influential stud during the ‘90’s in Europe and one of the greatest of all times like his legendary father, the DV sieger 1982-VDH-German-Int.Ch-SCH3-IPO3-Landes gruppen sieger’81-82-83-Angekoert Hertog Alpha le Dobry (1979-91).

The black female VDH-D-INT Ch.-Bundessiegerin-DV Siegerin-SCH3-ZTP Alida v.Flandrischen Loewen (1984-1993), a German bred daughter of IDC-DV- Europa Sieger-Bundessieger-SchH 3-Koerung 1A(for life) Ali v.Langenhorst and German-International Ch.-Bundessiegerin (at the age of just 18 months!) SCH3 Alexa v.Heiderhof (6 of her siblings were champions and Sch3, while her champion children and grandchildren represent her in an extremely large number of countries). Alida v.Flandrischen Loewen played a very important role for the international development of the breed. Before being exported to the USA (to the former president of the DPCA and owner of Cara’s kennel Ray Carlisle) she had one litter in Europe for the famous Norden Stamm kennel of Jens Kollenberg, sired by German-Spanish-International Ch.-Bundessieger-IDC 1987 sieger Ebo v.d.Groote Maat (Egor v.d.Eland-Barones Eva v.Rensloo). This remarkable litter produced 5 champions including the unique brown female Kalina v.Norden Stamm, who is the one of top winning dobermans in Europe and one of the most titled dobermans in the history of the breed! (as well as her sister Mia!) Kalina never was beaten for a Sieger title! The only female who won her for a CAC award was her full sister Mia v.Norden Stam (Ebo v.d.Groote Maat-Anka v.Flandrischen Loewen). Alida’s 2 litters in the USA (the first sired by Ch.Elektra’s the Windwalker and the second by the Elektra’s son Ch.Akela’s the Vindicator, TOP 20 winner 1989) produced 7 champions.Her excellent phenotype and genotype and her amazing results in the litter box (totaly 12 champions ,1 IDC siegerin,1 Angekoert, 9 SCH titles, 4CDs, 1CDX) made her one of the most important females in the breed history. Alida’s offspring can be found on every continent in 28 countries!

Alida v. Flandrischen Loewen

Alida v. Flandrischen Loewen

  • Nowadays the use of European studs in the American breeding has been rather limited but in spite of this fact we can still find characteristics examples of mixed combinations in the USA:

The most important producer in Europe during the last ten years and one of the greatest in the history of the breed is without any doubt the superb IDC 2001 Sieger-Welt.-DV Sieger –ZTP-SCH3-Angekoert Gino Gomez del Citone (1-9-1997) bred by the famous breeder, judge and AIAD president Dr.P.Pezzano. Gino Gomez is the incest product of a full brother-sister combination between the SCH1-ZTP Astor del Citone and the Int.-It.-Ger.Ch.- Bundessiegerin-DV-AIAD-IDC siegerin-IPO1-ZTP Arielle D’Amour del Citone. They were children of the Int.-It.Ch.-AIAD Sieger-SCH2-ZTP Prinz v.Norden Stamm( 1986 sieger-SCH3-ZTP Quinn dei Nobili Nati - SCH3-ZTP- KOERUNG Kastra v.Norden Stamm) and the incomparable Tequila Mali del Citone (described below). In the line of Gino Gomez there is a strong genetic influence of the fabulous Int.-It.Ch.-Bundessieger 1984-SCH3 Elisir di Campovalano bred by the great Gabriele Prosperi. Elisir is one of the most determinative genetic factors in the formation of the modern dobermann type in Europe. He was also the result of an incest mating between Cito and Caienna di villa Castelli (Aldo v.Ferrolheim-Rada del Verdiano).Gino Gomez sired a large number of champion and sieger progeny in every part of Europe and he has sired more IDC siegers than any other stud in the history of the breed. His exceptional beauty and his impressive stud records captured the imagination of the breeders not only in Europe but also in the USA where he produced champion children and grand-children. His first American bred champion son is Ch.Kansa’s Primus Inter Pares out of Ch.Kansa’s Girls Juswana Havfun, who is great grand-daughter of Brunswig’s Cryptonite. One more Gino’s champion descendant for Kansa’s kennel is Ch.Kansa’s Out all Nite v.Tristar. Her mother named Kansa’s a Touch of Class is daughter of Nello’s Lex Luthor(described below). It is worthy of being spoken of Gino’s son, the Int.-UKC-Can.Ch.-ZTP-IPO2-VPG3-Koerung Bell’Lavoros Dio Di Giove, who is the only American bred dog who passed the most prestigious test of character and structure, the tough German Koerung. His mother is Cara’s Matik Gift for Gab (ZTP-SCH3) and her genotype is 3/4 European,based mostly in Franckenhorst-Norden Stamm-Campovalano and Roveline blood while the American line in her pedigree goes back to Elektra’s the Windwalker.

Gino Gomez del Citone

Gino Gomez del Citone - Korung

Gino Gomez del Citone - Korung

Tequila Mali del Citone

  • Similar types of combinations between European and American dogs can be found in Europe as well:

The black male named Marienburg’s Dark Daimler (born in 1989) (Marienburg’s Morocco-Dolly v.Franckenhorst) who has been exported during the 90’s from USA to Europe (in Franckenhorst kennel) played a significant role as stud. He was line bred in the famous “D” Franckenhorst litter in combination with the line of Marienburg’s Sunhawk. Dark Daimler’s mating with the DV Siegerin-world ch.-multi ch.Golda v.Franckenhorst produced the “Z” litter for the Franckenhorst kennel (1992). Analytically their most influential progeny were:

Marienburg’s Dark Daimler

Zoe v.Franckenhorst (champion class winner in IDC 1994, while her sister Zenda was 2nd in working class).Zoe is the mother of IDC 1999 Siegerin Quaresse d’Islamorada (sired by the Int.-It.-VDH Ch.- Bundessieger-DV-AIAD- IDC 1997 sieger-ZTP-Sch3 and great producer Alfa Adelante del Citone, a real legend of the breed) who is the mother of the IDC 2003 siegerin Ramona Rashi del Citone (sired by Gino Gomez del Citone). Zoe’s daughter, coming from her first mating with Alfa Adelante is the Italian champion Dali Dorena del Citone as well. Dali Dorena gave birth to the AIAD Junior Chiara del Monte Aspro (father in this case was Gino Gomez).

Zari v.Franckenhorst, who was not a succesful show-dog like her sisters (Zenda and Zoe). However, she had a very good results in the litter box. She was mated to the VDH-Belg-Lux-Int.Ch.Floijdt v.Savelsbos and gave a birth to the Greek champion and DVGR siegerin Grazia v.Franckenhorst and her sister Grafin Goldie v.Franckenhorst(Ipo3-ZTP). Next, Grafin Goldie gave birth to the FCI 2002 world champion-DV sieger-VDH-Int.-Multi Ch.Vero v.h.Wantij out of the very importand Dutch bred producer Jivago v.h.Wantij. Zari’s son from her litter with Floijdt, named Gad v.Franckenhorst, was the father of Ela Esmeralda Sawages (in combination with the very important female Int.-Yu.Ch.Heidy Royal Bell). Ela Esmeralda gave to the breed the amazing Int.-multi Ch.-vice world winner 2006 Wild Cherry di Altobello out of the legendary brown sire,the 1997 class winner- IDC 1998 sieger Baron Nike Renewal.

The hereditary powers of Marienburg’s Dark Daimler were very valuable for the Belgian Ramonburg’s kennel. He sired some excellent progeny out of Ch.Qalina v.d.Donken (daughter of Graaf Quirinus v.Neerlands Stam) like for example the Dutch-Lux.-VDH Ch.-Vice DV and Vice IDC siegerin Ramonburg’s Tequila in 1995,the Sw.-Fin.-Dan.-Nord.-Int.Ch.Ramonburg’s Unique in 1996 and the Germ.VDH Ch.-Vice IDC Jugend sieger Ramonburg’s Valdo in 1997. Valdo is the father of the European Youth ch.-Dutch ch.-Top UK brood bitch 2007 Aritaur Dominatrix in combination with Crislea Centrefold of Aritaur, a daughter of the top stud dog in the UK (1993) Ch.Holtzburg Mayhem. Ramonburg’s Tequila is the mother of the Norw.-Dut.Ch.Ken-Ti’s Bongo in combination with the great producer,the’99 Junior sieger-AIAD 2001 sieger Nitro del Rio Bianco.

We can also find champion progeny of Marienburg’s Dark Daimler at the famous Hungarian Tahi Reme kennel of the well known judge and breeder Erika Szokol. His mating with Tahi Reme Judy (her line was a mixing between Franckenhorst, Nymphenburg,Eschenhof,Ferrolheim blood) produced the Int.-Hu.Ch.Tahi-Reme Porthos Niko and the Hu.Ch.Tahi-Reme Paco.

Another very successful mating during the 90’s is the one between the unique 1993 Bundessiegerin-AIAD-IDC siegerin,1994 world champion,Italian-German-International champion-SCH1-ZTP Tequila Mali del Citone(1991-1996)(Lucifer v.Roveline-Haina del Citone), a magnificent female who is considered by many specialists as one of the greatest breed’s specimens of all times, and the Greek champion and DVGR sieger Holmrun Phabio of Marienburg (1993-2002) (Marienburg’s Blackstone-Holmrun Page of Marienburg). In Phabio’s line there is strong genetic influence of the great Dexter v.Franckenhorst in combination with the blood of Marienburg’s Sunhawk (7 crosses to Sunhawk) while in Tequila’s pedigree we can find many important champions and siegers, like the Dutch bred dual IDC (1988 and 1989) sieger -Bundessieger-Europa-DV sieger-IPO3 Baron Bryan v.Harro’s Berg (Baron Cecar v.Rensloo-Vitesse v.Franckenhorst), who was one of the greatest show dogs of all times in Europe (even at the age of 9 years he was best of breed at the Dutch champion show!) The result of this mating was the amazing Crystal Conny del Citone (1995-2001) (Greek and international champion,IDC 1997 champion class winner,vice aiad siegerin 1998). This very important line gave to the breed in Europe a large number of  champion and sieger descendants (like for example the AIAD sieger Quillam Quasim del Citone and the Greek Ch.Kevin King del Citone) and her influence is present as well to the It.-Int.Ch.-IDC-AIAD 2004 Sieger  Hangar dei Sauli Grimaldi, to the It.Ch.-AIAD siegerin 2006 Runa Robi dei Nobili Nati, to the Int.-Multi Ch.-AIAD sieger 2007 Jerome Favola di Satti and also to the It.Ch.- IDC 2006 sieger-AIAD 2007 sieger Pathos delle Querce Nere.

Holmrun Phabio of Marienburg

Crystal Cony del Citone

Kevin King del Citone

Quilam Quasim del Citone

  • Some other remarkable dogs of note, including the important Argentinian bred dogs ,who have been very influential for the modern American doberman’s breeding history, that must be mentioned in this short report are:

The top producing sire in the US breed’s history, the great Ch. Cambria’s Cactus Cash (1994-2002) (sire of 144 champions as at June 2007!) (Ch.Rahdy’s Sail the Seven Seas-Ch.Cambria’s Nocona V Texas). Cactus Cash was top producing sire of all breeds in the US three times:2001-2003-2004.Among his progeny 12 won the BIS award and 23 had very important acchivements in DPCA Nationals,TOP 20 and Westminster shows as well. It is interesting to note that Cactus Cash is a line breeding to the legendary Brunswig’s Cryptonite.

The TOP20 contender 1998-1999-2000,multiple best in show winner,DPCA grand prize futurity winner 1996 Am.Ch.Darwin’s Dance of the Hour (1995-2005).His father the’s Sugar Twin was grandson of Sunhawk and his mother the’s Fantasia was grand daughter of Royal Tudor’s Wild as the Wing.Darwin’s Dance of the Hour sired 23 American and 3 Canadian champions,4 TOP 20 finalists and the 1998 and 2000 DPCA grand prize futurity winners. He was also the stud dog winner at the DPCA 2000 National specialty.

The unique Marienburg’s Repo Man (1998-2004), son of the famous Argentine producer Nello’s Lex Luthor. Repo Man has 55 BIS awards, he is the DPCA National Speciality 2002 Winner,the No1 working dog in 2002 and he is the sire of 46 American champions (untill October 2005). His mother, named Ch.Marienburg’s Coral Pendant, is grand-daughter of Dexter v.Franckenhorst and Dea Dolores v.Franckenhorst too and her line is a mixing between the European Franckenhorst, Neerlands Stam and Norden Stamm blood.

Marienburg’s Repo Man

Nello’s Lex Luthor

Repo Man’s father, the Argentinian bred Nello’s Lex Luthor (1996-2004) (Arg.Ch Will Ross Opium-Nello’s Eureka Black) is a real legend of the breed in Argentina. His line goes back to the unique Marienburg’s Sunhawk (13 crosses to Sunhawk) and his show career is trully splendid. Lex Luthor was International, Brazilian, Argentinian, American champion,first rankings DCA 1998-1999-2000-2001-2002,TOP 20 winner in Argentina 1996-USA 2000-Brasil 2000, 2003 (getting his 4th award of merit at the age of 7 1/2 years) and he also had more than 200 BIS in Argentina.Lex Luthor sired 40 American champions and 100 world wide.

His son out of Cindy de Black Shadow (her line goes back 2 times in 3rd generation in Brunswig’s Cryptonite and 1 in Dexter v.Franckenhorst) the Argentinian bred Am.-Mex.-Arg.-Int.Ch.Inaqui de Black Shadow (whelped in 2002) is the FCI world champion 2005 and the sire of many champions in USA as well.

Inaqui de Black Shadow

A new promissing star (already father of champions) exported from Argentina to the USA (to Aquarius kennel) is the superb Am.Ch.Trotyl de Black Shadow (whelped in 2005) who is son of Inaqui out of Arg Ch.Jessy de Vulcano (grand daughter of Marienburg’s Morocco).

Trotyl de Black Shadow

Trotyl de Black Shadow

The year 2000 gave to the breed the amazing brown male Am.-Can.-Int.Ch. Aeolus Arabian Knight, son of Cambria’s Cactus Cash and Aeolus Little Bit O’Gipsy. He is TOP 20 finalist of the years 2003-04-05-06 and he is the sire of more than 30 champions. At his bloodline we find the strong influence of Brunswig’s Cryptonite and Elektra’s the Windwalker(not only through “Kafka” but also through Arabian Knight’s grand-mother Ch.Glen Coe’s Laura Ashley who is line breeding to Windwalker). A mixing of this bloodline to the legendary line of Nello’s Lex Luthor in Argentina (the mating between Ch.Aeolus Arabian Knight and Ch.Arg.-Urug.Luna de Akido San) produces two excellent specimens, the Arg.-Bras.Ch.Alex de Akido San and his sister Arg.-Bras.Ch.Athena de Akido San.

Aeolus Arabian Knight

Alex de Akido San

Athena de Akido San

A very interesting sire of multiple champions is the Can.Ch.Marienburg’s Little Big Man (18-2-2001) (Marienburg’s Repo Man-Marienburg’s Song of the South). His father’s line has been described above while his mother is daughter of the Am.Ch.Marienburg’s Love Potion (a female who is mainly built up out of Dexter v.Franckenhorst) in combination with the amazing producer Ch.Soquel’s Distant Thunder (1996-2006) (Ch.Soquel’s Thunder Storm-Ch.Helena’s Marian of Dubois) who is the sire of more than 75 champions descendants and in his pedigree there is a very interesting doubling up in 3rd generation on Ch.Teraden’s the Chocolate Soldier (1981-1994) (Ch.Lujac’s Daniel-Ch.Teraden’s Red Hot Sizzle).

Marienburg’s Little Big Man

Teraden’s the Chocolate Soldier

The best of breed at the DPCA national specialty 2007, Star Quest Blu-J’s “Hunter” (12-04-2002) who was also best of breed and working group 2nd at the Westminster 2005. He already produced many champion progeny and he is the sire of 4 TOP20 contenters too.He got the 1st place in stud dog class at the DPCA 2007. His father named Ch.Cha-Rish the Rain Storm is a Cryptonite’s grandson while his dam Ch.Blu-J’s Wind Star Cha-Rish is great grand daughter of Cryptonite too.

Rish Star Quest Blu-J’s

Rish Star Quest Blu-J’s

Another brilliant dog of the new millenium is the black male Ch.Dabney’s Phenomenon (25-3-2003) (son of the 2006 westminster show best of breed Ch.Eastwicks Meadow Monster (who is grandson of Cambria’s Cactus Cash) and Ch.Dabney’s I Can’t Wait). A real phenomenon who finished his champion title at the age of 8 months in 10 shows with 3 majors! He is the TOP 20 winner 2006 and TOP 20 finalist 2005,DPCA Nationals AOM 2004-2005-2006,best of opposite sex at 2007 and 2008 Westminster’s show,DPCA No1 dobermann(2006-2007), No2 working dog 2007,No12 all breeds dog 2007,No4 working dog 2008,winner of the Pro Plan champions cup 2007, also winner of some of the most important shows in the USA including Chicago International and Cleeveland Classic,winner of 42 specialty best in show and winner of 30 all breeds best in show! Dabney’s Phenomenon is already the sire of more than 15 champions.

Dabney’s Phenomenon

Eastwicks Meadow Monster

Dabney’s Phenomenon