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born 15.06.2013

Dominant black

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VDH Jugendchampion
DV Jugendchampion
IDC  Vice-Youthwinner 2014
German Bundesjugendsieger 2014 and Youth BOB
Vice-Europawinner 2015
Vice-Bundessieger 2015
Germanwinner 2015
IDC Vice-Championclasswinner 2016
German Bundessieger 2016
Multi CAC, CACIB and BOB
IDC 2014, Jugendklasse sg 2
Vize-JugendsiegerBundesjugendsieger 2014 Jugend BOB
IRAS Karlsruhe 2014, V1, CAC und CACIB
IRA Nürnberg 2015 V1, CAC, CACIB and BOB
IRA Offenburg 2015 V1, CAC, CACIB and BOB
Europasiegeraustellung Dortmund 2015, V1, CAC and CACIB res.
IRA Saarbrücken 2015, V1, CAC and CACIB
IRA Leipzig 2015, V1 , CAC, CACIB and BOB
Germannwinnershow Leipzig 2015, V1, CAC, CACIB and BOB, GERMANWINNER 2015
Work results
ZTP V1A (H. Wiblishauser)
IPO 1 (87-88-93a)
Health results

HD 1 (HD-free)
Wobbler free
Spondylose free
vWD freeD
Dilute D/D free
DCM-free and free from all heart diseases by EKG
24-hour-Holter-EKG and ultrasound by LMU Munich 04/2015
DCM free by EKG, 24- hour- Holter EKG, ultrasound and biomarker LMU Munich 06/2016