born 29.04.2016

BH, ZTP, HD/ED free

We are looking for a new home for Mr. Ares. Ares came back to us as he has snapped the daughter. Ares is 70 cm tall and 38 kg male that is very socially acceptable. Here with us he lives together with a female, but also copes well with his mother and sister. He is very quiet and uncomplicated in the house. Sometimes he does not manage well with men and tries to enforce his will. Ares is going in a car without any problems and stays alone for some hours. He ignores strangers and has a good basic obedience. We did the BH exam and the breeding suitability test ZTP with him. Since we already have a male, the two have to be permanently separated and that is very exhausting. We are looking for Ares a home without children as a single dog or like a castrated bitch. Doberman experience must be present. Ares is well suited for dog sports and can also be used for breeding. He is HD / ED free. Ares is 2 years old.