Interview with Natalia Fokht


Interview with Natalia Fokht, russian breeder and judge, owner of "Teraline" kennel.


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Natalia Fokht with little Teraline Montera, Teraline Aurora and Teraline Indigo



Michael Jakubowsky: What this year brough for you?


Natalia Fokht: This year was good. Dogs from my kennel got some important titles. Teraline Lord of the Ring (Teraline Aurora - Fedor del Nasi) became a Champion of National Russian Dobermann Club, passed ZTP (V1A, judge: H. Wiblishauser), Teraline Indigo (Teraline Aurora - Atreyo de Grande Vinko) got the title International Champion, dogs from my M litter (Teraline Aurora - Pako Daker) went into “high society” - Teraline Montera became winner of National Russian Dobermann Club, Junior Champion of Saint-Petersburg, Best Junior of Ukrainian National Championship and vice-IDC Junior Winner. Teraline Midgard became Best Junior at National Championships of Russian Dobermann Club and the Championship of Moscow, vice IDC Junior Winner and vice Junior World Winner, Champion of Russia, Ukraine, Latvia. Teraline Murano, who lives in the Far East, on the border with China, is the most successful young male in that vast region. They are now at the age of 17 months and I’m sure that they still will please us with their successes in the future.



Teraline Midgard



Teraline Montera



Teraline Lord of the Ring


Impressive results, all the more for one and not a big kennel. Next question:
How can you do that; from one, maximum two litters per year to breed top dogs?


You noticed correctly, that in my kennel is one or two litters a year, perhaps it makes me cautious and careful to think about new combinations, as in case of my wrong decision, I will loose a generation and a year of my work. And in life it may happen that is lost further prospects. My famous IDC Sieger – Trefovaja Dama iz Slavnoi Stai (Indira v.d .Rauberhohle - Ugor di Villa Conte), the founder of my kennel, was able to have only one litter in her life. My A-litter (from Gino Gomez del Citone) from which she produced such dogs as: multi Champion, vice-European Winner, Winner of National Russian Dobermann Club, AIAD Sieger - Teraline Aurora and Multi Winner - Teraline Admiral. Anyway, even one litter was not so little to further strenghten and to develop the best qualities of my kennel’s ancestor. Teraline Aurora became not only a great show and working dog but also an outstanding producer. In combinations with different males she gave puppies consistently of high level. In her first litter with Ali Amadeus Piligrimas were obtained: Multi Champions Teraline Dark and Teraline Debiana Sid, Winner of Russian Dobermann Club, International Champinon, Multi Champion - Teraline Dancing Queen. In second litter with Atreyo de Grande Vinko were obtained: Young European Winner, International and Multi Champion - Teraline Indigo, Young European Winner, AIAD Sieger, IDC Winner - Teraline Ingrid, Multi Winners Idaho, Impreza and Italy. In the third litter with Fedor del Nasi: multi champion and winner of Russian Dobermann Club - Teraline Lord of the Ring. In fourth Aurora’a litter with Pako Daker were born: IDC & World Young vice-winner - Teraline Midgard and IDC Young-vice winner – Teraline Montera.



Teraline Aurora and Ferrofarah Gomez di Campovalano - AIAD Siegers



Teraline Aurora - AIAD Siegerin



Teraline Aurora - Korung 2005



Aurora and Admiral


In your opinion, what is the base of the high stability of Teraline Aurora as a producer?


First of all, it’s based on her excellent phenotype, which she received from parents: this is a general harmony and balance; very strong and long head with excellent planes and expression; long, with correct exit neck; very deep, with a long edge, chest. Aurora is a very strong dog, which has excellent instincts and strong character. Her father was the famous Gino Gomez del Citone: designed and made by Dr. Pezzano. Gino Gomez del Citone –one of the best producer of our time, which gave to our breed a lot of highest lever Dobermans. I’m grateful to Dr. Pezzano that I was able to use Gino. Aurora’s mother was very strong, but at the same time - a very harmonious and feminine – Trefovaja Dama iz Slavnoi Stai. This dog could not leave anyone indifferent.
However, the phenotype will not work in the descendants, if it does not support by the genotype. Genotype of Gino Gomez concentrated all the best of del Citone’s line. And this is the best Gino Gomez del Citone passed on to their offspring. Genotype of Trefovaja Dama, Taisia, Tamerlan, Tigr and the T-litter’s dogs based on the combination of excellent producer Indira v.d. Rauberhohle with Ugor di Villa Conte. Indira embodied the best qualities of dogs Norden Stamm line’s - typical, total strength, elegant and style. Although she was mated with Ugor di Villa Conte by chance (in Italy she went not to him), - this case was a lucky one. Ugor di Villa Conte, through his father Gamon di Campovalano, gave to T-litter exceptional overall strength, the perfect expression of a strong, very beautiful head. Connecting the best qualities of these two great lines and led to the show and later - breeding success of T-litter and thier descendants now.



Trefovaja Dama iz Slavnoi Stai



Trefovaja Dama with her daughter Aurora


In your breeding you used only one top show – winner. It was Gino Gomez del Citone, the remaining males were not as well known to the public. Why they were used by you, instead of well-known champions?


Gino had a magnificent exterior and character and this enabled him to become a great champion.
He also had excellent built and balanced pedigree. It allowed him to become a great producer.
Not all show champions possess the phenotypic characteristics, which I’m looking for, as well as their pedigrees are not always appropriate for my females. Often happens that the champions rings are untenable as producers.
Conversely, a good producer sometimes can not give to your female right qualities. If you do not take into account their phenotypic compatibility (the existence of common weaknesses) and pedigree. Many female’s owners like to use the word "inbreeding", not knowing that "magic" of inbreeding will not work through the mating of mediocre dogs, do not possess valuable qualities of the great ancestors. A good solution is not always lie on the top of surface.
In males, which I used in my breeding, I found those phenotypic quality that would complement my bitch, and their pedigree gave me greater confidence in good result. The overall result - is a dog of very good type with a balanced pedigree and these qualities bring them success as on the show, and in breeding activity, which confirm the correctness of my choice. I do not live only for today. I think: what will be «Teraline» Doberman in the future. I devote equal attention to the exterior, character, and health of Dobermann. I really care about what Dobermann will live with me beside.



Teraline Dancing Queen


Teraline Dark



Teraline Debiana Sid


Teraline Indigo



Teraline Ingrid


Teraline Italy



Teraline Impreza


Teraline Isabelle



IDC Siegerin 2008 Teraline Ingrid with owner Tommaso Vargiu and breeder Natalia Fokht


Some people are used to say that "T" litter of «iz Slavnoi Stai» was crucial for development of the breed in Russia. Since you owned Trefovaja Dama iz Slavnoi Stai, could you give some comment about remarkable dogs which came from combination of Ugor di Villa Conte and Indira v.d Rauberhohle?


There are some strong and powerful lines, which form the current "face" of the breed. We should also not forget the basis, on which T litter is made. I would not say that T-litter has been instrumental in the development of the breed in Russia, but that contribution is large - no doubt. And not only in Russia, but throughout the world.
Tamerlan, Tigr, Taisija, Trefovaja Dama have been very successful show dogs and thanks to their excellent exterior - they easily won at the many shows. They were dogs of the highest level of the breed, the same type, but of course, had some differences. Tamerlan was a very big, strong male, with masculine, big head with good lines. Tigr was slightly lower, than his brother, extremely strong, with an incredibly long neck, with a strong head and a bit shortish muzzle. But in my opinion, the most correct exterior among T-litter’s males had Titan Terenty: very strong, compact, with excellent topline, powerful and correct head with good expression. Unfortunately, he went to the owner, who could not appreciate such a gift of fate and this beautiful Dobermann remained unknown to the people and left nothing behind. Taisija was very feminine, strong and deep female with excellent head. Trefovaja Dama was the most harmonious dog in this litter, she kept her fantastic balance in standing and in movement. All of these dogs had a wonderful, open character with lots of self-confidence. And thanks God – they became very good producers. On the basis of T-litter dogs created several kennels, working with direct descendants of these remarkable dogs. In Lithuanian kennel "Piligrimas" from Taisija and Ilane Darafal was born IDC Winner Aisa Adelaila Piligrimas. In Latvian kennel "Livonija", was established line Taisija’s daughter - Paola Penelopa Piligrimas and she has given a birth to really beautiful dogs. Trefovaja Dama established my kennel. Tamerlan was actively used by many breeders in Russia and abroad, leaving many wonderful offspring. The same actively, widely and successfully was used Tigr.
I think that T-litter for a long time will continue to affect on our breed. Because today the most successful and popular producers are descendants of Tigr, Tamerlan, Taisija, Trefovaja Dama: Quillam Quasim del Citone, Fedor del Nasi, Teraline Aurora and Indigo, Livonijas Baron Hitchcock and Heart of Hamlet and others. These dogs themselves - outstanding representatives of the breed and they continue to carry a line of T-litter on.



Trefovaja Dama iz Slavnoi Stai and Tigr iz Slavnoi Stai


Ugor di Villa Conte
Gamon di Campovalano Graaf Quirinus v. Neerlands Stam
Hertog Alpha v. Le Dobry
Dea Dolores v. Franckenhorst
Mali di Campovalano Eltaipan di Campovalano
Zuma di Campovalano
Nancy di Villa Conte Rex del Rio Bianco
Quarz del Littorio
Hera v. Roveline
Athena di Villa Conte Orion di Campovalano
Hidargos Xoni

Indira v.d Rauberhohle

Prinz v. Norden Stamm Quinn dei Nobili Nati Runo dei Nobili Nati
Tairy di Campovalano
Kastra v. Norden Stamm
Ebo v. Groote Mat
Alida v. Flandrichen Lowen
Nemesis Figi v. Koepsel Graaf Quirinus v. Neerlands Stam Hertog Alpha v. Le Dobry
Dea Dolores v. Frankcenhorst
Kalina v. Norden Stamm Ebo v. Groote Mat
Alida v. Flandrichen Lowen


You are not only a well-known breeder and judge fromRussia but also a very good handler. I remember that you have handled many famous dogs likes for example Bombastic v. Hanseaten, Nestor iz Zoosfery or Gemini Ginga House. What is important to be a good handler of dobermanns?


Yes, I’ve handled Gemini Ginga House and with me he became Euro Winner and BOB. With Bombastic v. Hanseaten I won IDC Sieger title, Nestor iz Zoosfery became vice World Winner. But all these outstanding dogs were well prepared by their breeders and owners and I only helped them to win these important titles. To tell the truth, I don’t like to handle other people's dogs and do it very seldom.
To be a good handler, I think, you need to understand and feel the dog, to be able to see their strengths and weaknesses. And also be able to find in a seconds contact with the dog. If we are not talking about our own dogs. Preparation of Dobermann for show it’s a lot of work and some sort of art. In any case, in the ring, we see only the final of all the work previously done with the dog.



Nestor iz Zoosfery and Natalia Fokht - World Dog Show in Amsterdam 2002



Bombastic v. Hanseaten with Natalia Fokht - IDC 2002



Gemini Ginga House with Natalia Fokht - IDC 2003


How long have you been with Dobermanns?


My first Doberman appeared in my family in 1988. In 1992 I became a judge for Dobermanns. In 2000 my kennel was registered in FCI. Its name comes from the nickname of its founder – Trefovaja Dama. I called her Tera, hence the name of the kennel – “Teraline” - line of Tera, her continuation.
With invitations to judge at many specialized shows, I saw the state of our breed on different continents. I was the most pleasantly surprised by a very high quality of Dobermans in Indonesia.
In my hobby – Dobermanns, - is very helpful to me my husband - Alexei, who is a very good athlete and coach not only for people but for dogs too. He prepares our dogs for ZTP and IPO, also engaged in physical training and preparation for shows. Together we think about future combinations. For example, the idea of combinations Aurora & Pako Daker and Aurora & Salubi della Ninfa Nobel belongs to Alexei. Of course, Alexei - the most severe critic as for me and our dogs and for the results of our joint work. As a breeder, I am still only at the beginning. I have a lot to learn about our breed



Alexei and Natalia on IDC 2009




IDC 1999 in Garmish-Parterkirchen, Germany. Icaro di Villa Castelli

and Trefovaja Dama iz Slavnoi Stai.



Alexei - helper


Thank you for responding to my questions. Good luck to you in the New 2010 Year !